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Lo-Cut V String

Low cut and high brow, this 100% synthetic G string features a lined front with hardware detail at the front and back. Available in pouch front (worn by Egson) or flat front.


Egson has a 92cm high hip and wears size Medium in Pink Fog with gold O ring, and Chrome Fog with silver O ring.


Lo-Cut V String

  • Tags are ugly and you're going to cut them out anyway, so here's how to care for your garment!

    Treat your items from The Snack Bar as costume pieces - parade them around your office, wear them on stage, make people stuff money in the sides... and wash them carefully when the party is over

    We recommend a cold handwash or washing in a delicates bag, then hang out to dry immediately (no tumble drying!) - metal hardware doesn't like to be wet for long - unlike us.

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