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Hi-Waist Junk Trunks

Back that thing up, because if you like short shorts, you'll LOVE these! Hi-Waist Junk Trunks feature a fully lined ultra high waisted one-piece front, cheeky cut back, sturdy 20mm elastic waistband and elastic-free legs.


This new style is available up to size 4X (check the size chart here), and if you're between sizes then we recommend going smaller!


Mesh and lace varieties come with the same colour front lining unless otherwise specified.


Available as a flat front (worn by Ruby) or pouch front.


Ruby has a 62cm waist and 95cm hip and wears a size small in Gold


Hi-Waist Junk Trunks

  • Tags are ugly and you're going to cut them out anyway, so here's how to care for your garment!

    Treat your items from The Snack Bar as costume pieces - parade them around your office, wear them on stage, make people stuff money in the sides... and wash them carefully when the party is over

    We recommend a cold handwash or washing in a delicates bag, then hang out to dry immediately (no tumble drying!) - metal hardware doesn't like to be wet for long - unlike us.

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