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Butt Struts

Strut your stuff in our elastic thigh garters, designed to sit riiiight in that butt crease and make your booty pop! Order according to your hip size from our handy size chart available here.


Assembled from 20mm elasticated straps with your choice of hardware, and shown with Hi-Cut Quarankini and Hi-Cut V String.


Ruby has a 93.5cm hip and wears size S in Black Fog with silver O rings, and Camo with gold O rings

Butt Struts

  • Tags are ugly and you're going to cut them out anyway, so here's how to care for your garment!

    Treat your items from The Snack Bar as costume pieces - parade them around your office, wear them on stage, make people stuff money in the sides... and wash them carefully when the party is over

    We recommend a cold handwash or washing in a delicates bag, then hang out to dry immediately (no tumble drying!) - metal hardware doesn't like to be wet for long - unlike us.

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